5/8” Hydraulic quick couplings

While not as ubiquitous as smaller sizes, 5/8” hydraulic quick couplings occupy a niche role in specific sectors such as construction equipment and agriculture. Despite their less common usage, these couplings are instrumental in facilitating crucial hydraulic connections, particularly in scenarios involving compact loaders, excavators, and agricultural implements. Let's delve into the specialized applications and unique features of 5/8” hydraulic quick couplings, unraveling their importance in niche environments.


5/8" isn’t the most common size for hydraulic lines although it’s often used on construction equipment machinery (mainly to connect hydraulic tools to compact loaders or excavators) and on agricultural implements (pressure and return lines of hydraulic attachments powered through the connection to the Power Beyond circuit of a tractor, or combine headers).


Faster offers 5/8” quick couplings belonging to series FFH and 3FFH (connectable under pressure), both complying with ISO 16028 standard, and to series FPI, 5FPI which comply instead with ISO 17567 standard. 5/8” is also a size available for Multifaster series (3PLK, 3PLV) dedicated to the hydraulic connection of headers to harvesters.