Poppet quick couplings

Quick release couplings allow fast and easy connection and disconnection of fluid lines preventing leakages.

The features of poppet valve couplings

The poppet valve is a shut-off system that ensures high mechanical resistance, high sealing reliability and low risk of seal extrusion.
Poppet valve couplings are usually mounted on construction equipment, forestry equipment, agricultural machinery, oil tools and other hydraulic applications.
A large group of Faster products are equipped with poppet valve: NV, one of the most popular Faster proprietary series, HNV, ANV, AGRI, OGV, VVS and many others.

Why choose Faster coupling?

Faster is a primary force for research, design and production of hydraulic quick release couplings. Thanks to their high-level technology, our products can easily answer various market requests and meet specific requirements, set by the international standards and by different manufacturers.