Our Areas of Application
Our Areas of Application

Faster products cover numerous areas of applications, ranging from standard to more peculiar ones

Thanks to their high-level technology, Faster products can easily answer various market requests and meet specific requirements by different manufacturers.


Agriculture represents the historical and traditional base for Faster quick-release couplings

Construction Equipment

In construction settings, where excavators and skid steers are commonly employed, quick-release couplings are required to be adapted to work in dusty environments with sand and other dirt particles present in the air.


Applications for quick release couplings can be found in many industries. In the world of industrial production, the search is always on for products, accessories and systems that can reduce downtime during changeovers of parts performed on machine tools and other industrial machines.


Faster provides connection systems specially developed for offshore applications, suitable to meet the connection requirements in conditions of high pressure, high temperatures and depth, with safety, reliability and corrosion resistance

Air Conditioning Refrigeration

Particular couplings specially designed and developed for refrigeration systems, air conditioning and other applications with refrigerants

High Pressure

Faster has a dedicated product range specifically designed and produced according to the safety standard required for high pressure applications. Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Systems, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and Rescue Tools are a few examples of high pressure applications.

Vehicles & Road Machine

Faster quick-release couplings are also used in the vehicle and road machine sector.

Other Applications

Some applications of our couplings are very particular or related to a small niche of machines. In this section it is possible to appreciate how wide and interesting is the requirement of hydraulic couplings on machines you never thought of!


Faster quick-release couplings are also used in the forestry sector


Faster quick-release couplings are also used in the mining sector

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