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Industrial quick coupling: applications and features

Applications for quick release couplings can be found in many industries. In the world of industrial production, the search is always on for products, accessories and systems that can reduce downtime during changeovers of parts performed on machine tools and other industrial machines.

Faster offers a wide range of quick-release couplings and multiconnection characterized by great compactness, modularity and minimum spillage during connection and disconnection.

For example, injection molding and die casting are among the most widely used industrial processes. Both require a frequent change of the molds connected to machine, and this operation can be facilitated by the use of quick-release couplings such as our 2FFI (available both in brass and stainless steel), 3FFH or FFH.
Or Test Benches, designed to simulate pressure, flow and temperature variations in order to carry out complete validation tests of single components, thanks to screw to connect standard couplings such as CVV, NL, VVS or check valves (VU). Other industrial applications need Multi-Connections (Thermoforming molds, Tools for Roto molding).

Thanks to our consolidated experience gained in the market, Faster has become the synonym of quick-release couplings for all hydraulic applications.

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