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High Pressure quick coupling: applications and features

Faster has a dedicated product range specifically designed and produced according to the safety standard required for high pressure applications. Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Systems, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and Rescue Tools are a few examples of high pressure applications.

Couplings for ultra-high working pressures are very robust and reliable, they are usually characterized by both visual and mechanical safety systems.

Why choose Faster high pressure quick-release couplings?

Faster wide range of High Pressure couplings include FFHP, Flat-Face coupling resistant to wear and corrosion; screw to connect couplings such as PVVM (poppet valve) and PVSM (ball valve); UHP 100 and UHP 150, Couplings for Ultra High Pressure applications.
Thanks to their high-level technology, our products can easily answer various market requests and meet specific requirements, set by the international standards and by different manufacturers.

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