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Vehicle quick coupling: applications and features

Faster quick-release couplings are also used in the vehicle and road machine sector.

Used to connect various tools, tractors and trailers, they are particularly valued for their high performance and high capacity to resist to heavy-duty applications. A few examples: self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT), designed to transport oversize loads on public roads; snow plows (devices used for removing snow and ice from outdoor surfaces); long combination vehicles (LCV, or B-Train); road sweepers, multipurpose machine that can be equipped with a wide range of integrated attachments. In its wide range of products, Faster has series suitable for these peculiar applications, such as single couplings - like FFH, CNV, ANV, NV - and MultiFaster - like P506, P508, P316, P510.

Why choose Faster vehicle quick couplings?

Faster, leader in the market of quick-release couplings and multi-connections, is further accelerating its growth through an intense program of new product launches and new applications characterized by innovative technical solutions.

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