Faster: the global reference in quick-release hydraulic couplings


15 January 2024
Auxiliary hydraulics for CAT skid steer loaders
Auxiliary hydraulics on a skid steer loader provide extra hydraulic ports to connect various attachments, increasing versatility and functionality. Faster, an industry leader, provides solutions for auxiliary hydraulics with the 3-port 4BD4FH blocks ...
07 December 2023
Hydraulic coupler adapters
Explore the core of hydraulic systems with adapter couplings, linking hoses and conduits seamlessly. Learn how hydraulic coupler adapters solve mismatches without replacements and get expert tips on identification, industry standards, and brand compa...
29 November 2023
Hydraulic check valves
A hydraulic check valve, also known as non-return valve (NRV), is a mechanical device designed to allow fluid (typically a liquid) to flow in one direction and prevent reverse flow; it plays a crucial role in hydraulic systems to maintain the directi...
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