Faster: the global reference in quick-release hydraulic couplings


09 May 2023
ISO 16028 Quick Hydraulic Couplings
Aim of this article is to provide a review of general features of ISO 16028 quick hydraulic couplings and to briefly speak of main advantages offered by product series available in Faster’s portfolio.    What is an ISO 16028 Coupler? ISO 16028 cou...
13 March 2023
Identification of hydraulic quick couplings
The spread of use of hydraulic quick couplings is constantly growing thanks to the benefits that these items ensure on a lot of different applications in terms of connection speed, reliability and ease of use. Considering the vast range of products a...
07 February 2023
Beware of seemingly simple solutions when dealing with trapped pressure!
Through a simple web search, it’s quite easy to find tools that allow to retract the sealing valve of a quick coupling even when it is blocked by pressure trapped into the circuit, or to connect the two halves of a quick coupling in presence of press...
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