Faster, step by step

With 70 years experience, Faster has designed and manufactured over five hundred million quick-release couplings.

Our company is presently developing and producing a wide range of quick release couplers ranging from medium to very high pressures. All Faster Couplers are designed according to international standards.

The company was founded in Melzo (Milan), Italy with the name OMBA.

The company is founded in Melzo (Milan), with the name OMBA.

The first quick release coupling design.

The company changes its name to Faster.

First 3FPV588 patent: ancestor of today’s 3CFPV, later evolved into 3CFHF, 4SRPV, 4SRHF, 3CKHF, 4SKHF. The first step towards success for one of our more famous and best-selling products.

Registration of MultiFaster patent.

This is where the journey of this product’s success started. So much so, that it became a synonym for every multi connections available on the market.

Faster’s Quality Management System is certified

according to the ISO 9002 and received the A.G.A. (American Gas Association) approval. Opening of the American subsidiary: Faster Inc., located in Maumee, Ohio.

The company moves into the new headquarters in Rivolta d’Adda (Cremona).

Another important milestone was reached: certification of the Quality Management System to UNI EN ISO 9001.

First patent dedicated to 4FFI cartridge, suitable for manifold for skid steer loader.

A more evolved version was launched in 2010 (4BD4FH). In 2015 the 5 lines block is born, a product that consolidated Faster predominance in the skid steer loader market.

New subsidiaries inaugurated in China, Brasil and India.

New subsidiaries inaugurated in China, Brasil and India.

Patent of 4DCPV cartridge, suitable for agricultural tractors manifold.

This product, still sold and used, led to the 5DCPC cartridge (2010), equally famous and popular in the agricultural market.

Faster becomes part of the Helios Technologies group.
Representing MultiFaster’s evolution and possible synergies in the Helios Technologies group, the Integrated Solution has both Sun Hydraulics’ valves and Faster’s couplings.
In 2020 Faster invests in a new automated warehouse and introduces new interactive tools: Webinars and Virtual Exhibitions
Faster celebrates its 70 years anniversary and opens a new showroom filled with elements of virtual reality.