Faster: the global reference in quick-release hydraulic couplings

Mission USA

Create value for the customers, adding service and responsiveness to the world class product of Faster.

Mission Germany

Increase the Faster market share, by curing custumers relationships, in AG, CE and Distributor markets.

Mission China

Exceed the market growth, through customers intimacy, leveraging on Faster brand & world class product.

Mission Italy

Be the best design & production center for quick release couplings in the world.

Mission India

Be the leading source of machined castings for Faster globally, and a solid basis for the Indian market.

Mission Brazil

Grow the market share, by exploting all opportunities that arise.

Our values

Value Creation
Faster business culture is based on creating value for all the involved stakeholders: from the employees to the final customers.
Faster, being the global reference for quick-release coupling, concentrates on innovation and research in every aspect of the product development.
Faster conquered the global market, thus obtaining a leadership position, thanks to excellence in every aspect of managing the business.
Customer Orientation
Faster works closely with their customers during the development phase, to ensure best performing products.
People Centrality
People are at the center of any successful organization, and Faster pays a lot of attention to the people evolution and personal skills development, to build a team solid and strong.
Quality as a Must
One of the main Faster's goal is to ensure the highest quality standards in all the entire production process.

Code of Ethics

Here you can download our Code of Ethics.