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08 May 2024
Swivel Fittings: The Backbone of Fluid Transfer Systems
Swivel fittings stand as indispensable components within fluid transfer systems, crucial for enhancing the efficiency and durability of hoses and tubing. These specialized fittings are designed to allow seamless rotation between connected parts, ther...
17 April 2024
Automatic custom multi-connections
Automatic Custom Multi-Connections play a crucial role in modern industrial environments. These systems are specifically designed to facilitate connectivity in challenging conditions, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability. This article provi...
15 January 2024
Auxiliary hydraulics for CAT skid steer loaders
Auxiliary hydraulics on a skid steer loader provide extra hydraulic ports to connect various attachments, increasing versatility and functionality. Faster, an industry leader, provides solutions for auxiliary hydraulics with the 3-port 4BD4FH blocks ...
07 December 2023
Hydraulic coupler adapters
Explore the core of hydraulic systems with adapter couplings, linking hoses and conduits seamlessly. Learn how hydraulic coupler adapters solve mismatches without replacements and get expert tips on identification, industry standards, and brand compa...
29 November 2023
Hydraulic check valves
A hydraulic check valve, also known as non-return valve (NRV), is a mechanical device designed to allow fluid (typically a liquid) to flow in one direction and prevent reverse flow; it plays a crucial role in hydraulic systems to maintain the directi...
16 October 2023
Hydraulic quick coupler o-ring replacement
Hydraulic leak is certainly the most frequent cause of failures on quick-release couplings caused especially by wear and tear, by the impact of external contaminant or by stress applied on the seal compound from pressure and temperature cycles. Inte...
02 October 2023
ISO 7241 quick couplings
ISO 7241 is an International Standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and managed by a Technical Committee (ISO/TC 131) whose Faster, as a world leader in the design and manufacture of quick couplings, is a proud...
21 August 2023
How to install hydraulic quick couplers
The use of quick couplers on a hydraulic circuit brings great advantages with reference to the speed of assembly and disassembly of the circuit itself and to its portability. It’s important to pay attention to the installation phase to avoid that wro...
26 July 2023
Hydraulic coupling flow rate: an advantage of Faster products
The current highly competitive global economic scenario requires the manufacturing industry to obtain top performances from its machinery. Even a slight increase in the productivity of a machine can make a difference. Furthermore, the aspects related...
03 July 2023
How to replace auxiliary hydraulics on skid steer
One of the best advantages offered by the auxiliary lines blocks produced by Faster (among which we mention in particular the 3-ports versions, fitted as standard on the compact loaders of leading brands such as Caterpillar, Doosan Bobcat, JCB, John ...
05 June 2023
Adding auxiliary hydraulics to an excavator
Excavators are widely used on a lot of possible applications: from construction sites (for removing material, dig trenches, holes and foundations) to demolition ones (for pulling down buildings and constructions), without forgetting mining sites (to ...
18 May 2023
Unraveling the Intricacies of Auxiliary Hydraulics in Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Tracked Loaders
The continued growth in sales volumes of Skid Steer Loaders (SSL) and Compact Tracked Loaders (CTL) announced by major OEM brands (Case, Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota, JCB, New Holland, Takeuchi, Wacker Neuson and many others) is no longer a surpri...
09 May 2023
ISO 16028 Quick Hydraulic Couplings
Aim of this article is to provide a review of general features of ISO 16028 quick hydraulic couplings and to briefly speak of main advantages offered by product series available in Faster’s portfolio.    What is an ISO 16028 Coupler? ISO 16028 cou...
13 March 2023
Identification of hydraulic quick couplings
The spread of use of hydraulic quick couplings is constantly growing thanks to the benefits that these items ensure on a lot of different applications in terms of connection speed, reliability and ease of use. Considering the vast range of products a...
07 February 2023
Beware of seemingly simple solutions when dealing with trapped pressure!
Through a simple web search, it’s quite easy to find tools that allow to retract the sealing valve of a quick coupling even when it is blocked by pressure trapped into the circuit, or to connect the two halves of a quick coupling in presence of press...
23 January 2023
Hydraulic couplers hard to connect
Different connection systems for quick-couplings The various series of quick-couplings available on the market are characterized by different connection systems, here are the most common ones: thrust of the nipple with simultaneous retraction of the...
09 January 2023
How to do hydraulic quick coupler maintenance
Making periodic maintenance to quick-release couplings is extremely important to avoid experiencing fluid leaks, extend their lifetime and rely on comfortable operations of connection and disconnection. The value of maintenance is often underestimate...
14 November 2022
Which are the different types of hydraulic quick couplers?
What are hydraulic quick couplers Hydraulic quick couplings allow the connection and disconnection of fluid lines in a fast and convenient way, without loss of fluid. They provide the users the ability to rapidly connect and disconnect hydraulic hos...
04 November 2022
What is a quick disconnect coupling and how does it work?
Hydraulic quick disconnect couplings, also known as “QD Coupling” allow the connection and disconnection of fluid lines in a fast and convenient way, without loss of fluids. They provide the users the ability to rapidly connect and disconnect hydraul...

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