26 July 2023

Hydraulic coupling flow rate: an advantage of Faster products

Hydraulic coupling flow rate: an advantage of Faster products

The current highly competitive global economic scenario requires the manufacturing industry to obtain top performances from its machinery. Even a slight increase in the productivity of a machine can make a difference. Furthermore, the aspects related to environmental protection and the high average cost of fuels put focus on sustainable economic practices and highly energy efficient systems.

The products in the Faster range, all providing an excellent fluid flow rate in relation to the size of the hydraulic quick coupling, are perfectly suited to these needs.


A possible reason for hydraulics running slow

The increasingly consolidated presence of auxiliary hydraulics and multi-connection plates on working machines testifies to their undoubted usefulness, but it is also true that, due to the indispensable presence of sealing valves, quick couplings generally represent a point of localized loss of fluid pressure

Hydraulic pressure drop has a close link with energy loss in working machines and leads to higher fuel consumption. 

The hydraulic pump compensates for the loss of pressure by drawing more energy from the internal combustion engine but this results of course in an increase of energy consumption and higher operational costs. Moreover, basic auxiliary hydraulics may cause a restriction in flow thus provoking a general slowing down of attachment movements impacting negatively on productivity.


How accurate auxiliary hydraulics design can help to reduce fuel consumption on skid steer & other machinery  

Faster has always been dedicating extreme care at the design of internal components profiles (bodies, sliders, valves, valve guides, stems, etc.), in order to maximize the volume available for the passage of fluids and to maintain flow passage area as uniform as possible. Consequently, the effects deriving from internal turbulences in the fluid, which cause a rise in its temperature and the dissipation of hydraulic energy, are minimized.

Patenting some components has ensured Faster a competitive advantage on the market over the years; one remarkable example is represented by sintered steel semiguides which block the valve of ISO 16028 female and male quick-release couplings offering great flow section. That’s for sure one of the reason of long standing success of FFH and 3FFH series (single couplings) as well as of cartridges installed on 3-port and 5-port auxiliary lines block, widely present as standard equipment on compact tracked loaders and skid steer loaders manufactured by leading companies such as Bobcat, Caterpillar, Case New Holland, JCB, John Deere, Kubota and Takeuchi.