Hydraulic quick couplings

Hydraulic quick couplings allow the connection and disconnection of fluid lines in a fast and convenient way. They provide the users the ability to rapidly connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses to machines or attachments. All quick couplers have two parts: the male half and the female half.

When connected properly, these parts seal and the fluid flows, containing internal pressures and resisting any forces that tend to pull the joint apart. The parts are easily disconnected without tools by disengaging a locking mechanism. Hydraulic quick couplings are precisely engineered for specific fluid applications.

The main connection types of quick-release couplings

The connection between the two parts can be done in many ways, depending on the design of the product: push to connect, screw to connect, sleeve retraction. Another main feature that distinguishes the hydraulic quick couplers is the valve type: poppet, ball or flat-face.

Applications and uses of Hydraulic quick couplings

Faster products cover numerous areas of applications, ranging from standard to more peculiar ones. We offer couplings for Agricultural application, such as Tractor and Harvester, as well as for Construction Equipment (i.e., Compact Wheel Loaders or Crawler Cranes) and Industrial ones (i.e., Test Benches or Rolling Mills). To discover all Faster products’ areas of application, visit our dedicated page.

Why choose Faster quick-release couplings?

Today, Faster is a primary force for research, design, and production of hydraulic quick release couplings. Thanks to their high-level technology, our products can easily answer various market requests and meet specific requirements, set by the international standards and by different manufacturers.