Stainless steel quick couplings

In order to determine which material is the best for each coupling, it is important to look at application specs. The feature of the couplings must match with flow rate, pressure, and temperature ranges of the system. One of the materials used for hydraulic quick couplings is Stainless Steel.

Features and advantages of stainless steel couplings

Stainless steel provides high resistance to corrosion and offers excellent resilience, for this reason it is often used to make quick couplers. Stainless steel is commonly used for applications characterized by corrosive fluids or harsh environment. Our stainless steel quick couplings are equipped with FKM (Viton) seals, thus offering a wider working temperature range, which makes stainless steel couplings more versatile and suitable for tougher applications.

Even when exposed to potentially corrosive fluids, Stainless Steel couplings are a guarantee of durability and resistance. Faster catalog offers a wide range of Stainless Steel couplings, such as NV Stainless Steel, HNV Stainless Steel, VVS Stainless Steel, FFC and others.