Brass quick couplings

When deciding which material is the best one for your coupling, application specs are a crucial factor. Flow rate, pressure and temperature ranges of the system must match with the specs features of the couplings. Only when you have all these details clear, you can choose the material. One of the more popular materials for hydraulic quick couplings is Brass.

Features and advantages of brass couplings

Brass quick couplings are resistant to corrosion, durable and strong. This material makes the coupling highly robust and together with FKM (Viton) seals, it makes the couplings able to endure high temperatures.

Faster products portfolio includes couplings in brass suitable for industrial applications such as refrigeration systems, air conditioning and other applications with refrigerants, mold and die Industry, snubbing units for wells control and others. Learn more about Faster brass quick couplings: HNV brass, TNL brass, 2FFI brass, FB, RFCS.