Screw to connect flat face couplers

Screw to connect couplings, also known as “threaded flat face couplers”, are specifically designed to resist vibrations, eliminating premature wear. The Flat Face design guarantees zero spillage and helps to avoid external contamination. The sector latching system enables to effectively tackle the Brinelling effect, provoked by high frequency impulse pressures.

Screw to connect flat face couplers: connection types and applications

Faster offers many screw-to-connect coupling, many of them have the Zinc-Nickel plating, that guarantees a remarkable resistance to corrosion.

Screw to connect flat face couplers are suitable for construction equipment and heavy-duty applications.

Why choose Faster screw to connect couplings?

Faster offers a wide range of screw to connect flat face couplings, answering various market requests.