Flat face hydraulic coupler

The Flat Face design guarantees zero spillage and helps to avoid external contamination. The flat valve allows to connect hydraulic lines with no fluid loss, during both connection and disconnection maneuvers. Therefore, flat face couplings are considered good for the environment, due to the lack of spillage, even in case of high pressure in the system. Moreover, the flat surface makes them easier to clean and less disposed towards contamination and dirt.

Flat face couplings: connection types and applications

Many flat face couplings have the Zinc-Nickel plating, that guarantees a remarkable resistance to corrosion. Flat valve can also be found in our MultiFaster range and Automatic connection.

Suitable for applications with high pressure or high-pressure impulses, flat face couplers can be found on applications such as Piling Rigs, Demolition Excavators, MultiFaster on Tractors front loaders and many more.

Why choosing Faster flat flace couplings?

Faster offers a wide range of flat face couplings both single and in a multi connection, answering various market requests.