Multi couplings connection

Multi couplings connection allow to simultaneously connect multiple lines with an effortless maneuver done by a lever, even with residual pressure in the system. These multi connection can also have an electrical connector.

Advantages of using multi couplings system

A piece of equipment with more hydraulic lines can lead to a higher risk of a wrong connection, leakage, or contamination. Thanks to the Multi couplings connection the operator can easily connect and disconnect the attachment, using an ergonomic lever. Moreover, the flat-face quick couplings integrated in the plate help avoiding spillage during connection and disconnection. Therefore, we can say that using a multi coupling connections has many advantages, including time saving and avoiding mix-up of lines.

Why choose Faster multi connection?

Our MultiFaster is universally considered the market reference, so much so that the name became a trademark describing all multi connection in general. Each product entails a different combination of elements, such as number of lines, couplings sizes, type of lever and electrical connectors. The number of lines varies according to the functions performed by the attachment.

Our challenge is to increase our competitiveness by offering high quality products with agile production processes, while paying careful attention to our customers’ needs. For this reason, we introduced our MultiFaster Configurator, a product configurator through which customers can build their own MultiFaster to meet their specific needs.