Tractor quick coupling

Agriculture represents the historical and traditional base for Faster quick-release couplings.

Specifically, tractors are one of the main applications where you could find Faster quick couplings. We offer a wide range of products suitable for tractors and tractors attachments.

Applications and features of tractor couplings

There are options that allow connection with trapped pressure on the attachment side (3CFHF, 3CKHF), or on attachment and tractor side (4SRHF, 4SKHF), or male coupling on the implement and female coupling on tractor side that can be disconnected and connected while both under residual pressure up to 25 MPa (6DNPV).
Another option is the Power-beyond series. "Power-beyond" is a facility in the outlet section of a mobile direction control valve which allows to access pressurized hydraulic oil at the rear of the tractor for attachments equipped with an open center control valve, such as a backhoe and log splitter.
In the field of agricultural application, another main one is the connection between tractor and front loaders with two or three functions, made possible thanks to our MultiFaster - the market reference to connect multiple lines, allowing an effortless connection even with residual pressure in the system. Each product entails a different combination of elements, such as number of lines, coupling size, lever and electrical connectors.

Why choose Faster tractors quick couplings?

Our products allow to connect and disconnect quickly from any hydraulic circuit, ensuring the best performance even under high temperature and pressure. Couplings have never been safer and faster.

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