04 November 2022

What is a quick disconnect coupling and how does it work?

What is a quick disconnect coupling and how does it work?

Hydraulic quick disconnect couplings, also known as “QD Coupling” allow the connection and disconnection of fluid lines in a fast and convenient way, without loss of fluids. They provide the users the ability to rapidly connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses to machines or attachments. All quick disconnect couplers have two parts: a male half and a female half. When connected properly, these parts seal and the fluid flows, tackling internal pressures and resisting any forces that tend to pull the joint apart. The parts are easily disconnected without tools by disengaging a locking mechanism. Hydraulic quick disconnect couplings are precisely engineered for specific fluid applications.

What is a quick-disconnect coupling used for

Hydraulic quick disconnect couplings cover numerous areas of applications, ranging from standard to more peculiar ones. They are used in agricultural applications, such as tractors and Harvesters, as well as in construction equipment (i.e., compact wheel loaders or crawler cranes) and industrial stationary equipment&tools (i.e., test benches or rolling mills).

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Different types of couplings quick release

According to the specific fluids involved by the application, quick disconnect couplings are made out of different materials:

What are carbon Steel quick couplings

The most commonly used carbon steel quick couplings are extremely tough, and resistant to pressures and tear & wear involved in daily use. NBR is the most popular compound for seals, other compounds can be used depending on the chemical compatibility needed by different fluids. FKM (Viton) in particular allows the quick couplings to have a broad working temperature range and makes them suitable for a wider range of applications. Faster catalog offers the largest selection of Carbon Steel quick couplings, able to answer various market requests and meet specific requirements by different manufacturers and end users.

What are stainless steel couplings quick release

This material is necessary when high resistance to corrosion is needed and it offers excellent resilience, for this reason it is often used to make quick couplers for applications characterized by corrosive fluids or harsh environment. Also, our stainless steel quick couplings are equipped with FKM (Viton) seals, thus offering a wider working temperature range, which makes them more versatile and suitable for tougher applications. Even when exposed to potentially corrosive fluids, stainless steel couplings are a guarantee of durability and resistance. Faster catalog offers various options, such as NV Stainless Steel, HNV Stainless Steel, VVS Stainless Steel, FFC and others.

What are brass quick couplings

Brass quick couplings are resistant to corrosion, durable and strong. This material makes the coupling highly robust and together with FKM (Viton) seals, it makes the couplings able to endure high temperatures. Faster products portfolio includes brass quick disconnects couplings suitable for industrial applications such as refrigeration systems, air conditioning and other applications with refrigerants, mold and die Industry, snubbing units for wells control and others. Learn more about Faster brass quick couplings: HNV brass, TNL brass, 2FFI brass, FB, RFCS.

Thanks to its pipeline filled with new ideas and projects, Faster continue to introduce new solutions, working on innovations to support global equipment manufacturers and end users to increase the functionality of their attachments. In addition, all Faster couplings are designed according to international standards.

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