15 January 2024

Auxiliary hydraulics for skid steer loaders

Auxiliary hydraulics for CAT skid steer loaders

Auxiliary hydraulics on a skid steer loader provide extra hydraulic ports to connect various attachments, increasing versatility and functionality. Faster, an industry leader, provides solutions for auxiliary hydraulics with the 3-port 4BD4FH blocks on CAT loaders. Faster's easy component replacement ensures efficiency and adaptability to work requirements.

What is aux hydraulics on a skid steer loader? 

Auxiliary hydraulics provide extra hydraulic ports that can be used to connect a variety of attachments to the skid steer loader. These attachments may include hydraulic-powered tools such as augers, grapples, hydraulic hammers, trenchers, and other specialized equipment. By using the auxiliary hydraulics, operators can quickly and easily switch between different attachments without having to worry about manual connections or modifications.

Auxiliary hydraulics greatly improve the versatility and functionality of a skid steer loader then, making it the ideal machinery for a wide range of applications in construction, agriculture, material handling and other industries. Operators can in fact perform various tasks efficiently and adapt the machine to different job requirements and the work productivity isn’t affected by downtime related to the change of hydraulic tools.

As a primary leader in the industry, Faster supplies solutions for auxiliary hydraulics for skid steer loaders to the main OEM brands.

What are the types of CAT skid steer quick coupler? 

On CAT skid steer loaders, Faster 3-ports auxiliary lines blocks  (4BD4FH series) are traditionally installed. Robustness, reliability, great decompression features and use intuitiveness are among the keys that have contributed to this long success story. No end user would ever go back to a single couplings layout after hooking up for a while attachment hoses to a skid steer loader equipped with a Faster auxiliary lines block!   

How to make the replacement

One of the main benefits ensured by Faster’s auxiliary lines blocks is the ease of replacement when it’s time to change one seal or a whole quick coupling. Whether the reason is the component's wear or the necessity of connecting a high-flow attachment to a standard flow skid steer loader (or vice versa), the need to carry out this operation can occur quite frequently. In the second case it’s highly recommended to make the due checks about mutual compatibility in terms of flow capacity between skid steer loader and attachment to avoid experiencing big efficiency losses or, even worse, damages to the equipment or to the machine.

These two video provide helpful tips about both the situations:

Why choose Faster

Having been the first company to launch an auxiliary line block for skid steer loaders more than 30 years ago, Faster can now boast not only the largest annual production of these products, but above all the broadest and most established expertise in the design and production of auxiliary hydraulic solutions for this application. Our company is constantly committed in the study of technical innovations that improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the product, making it more and more suitable for the toughest works and matching the most demanding requirements.