1" Hydraulic quick couplings

In the realm of hydraulic systems, 1" hydraulic quick couplings stand out as robust and versatile components, catering to a diverse array of applications across industries. From factory automation to construction, mining to agriculture, these couplings serve as essential conduits for transporting hydraulic fluids under pressure, powering a wide range of equipment and machinery. Let's explore the extensive applications and features of 1" hydraulic quick couplings, unraveling their importance in various industrial settings.


1" hydraulic lines are used in a variety of different applications, like factories (on assembly lines, presses and robotics), construction (for instance on demolition excavators, fly demolition systems, etc.) equipment, mining, agricultural equipment (lines for Power Beyond), plumbing and the Oil & Gas industry. These lines are used to transport hydraulic fluids under pressure and are essential for powering a wide range of hydraulic equipment and machinery. Typically from size 1” on the main function of lines is to provide enough flow of hydraulic oil in order to ensure a proper operational velocity of the tools. The 1" size is suitable for medium to high-pressure hydraulic oil lines and offers flexibility and durability for various industrial applications.


With regards to Faster’s product range, size 1” is available for the following series of quick couplings: