1/8” Quick release coupling

In the realm of quick-release couplings, the 1/8” size stands as a testament to compact efficiency. These miniature marvels cater to applications where space is at a premium, offering seamless functionality without compromising on performance. Let's delve deeper into the world of 1/8” quick release couplings, exploring their applications, features, and why they're a go-to choice for various industries.


1/8” is the smallest available size for quick-release couplings, generally requested when compactness is the main driver in the choice of a product and for applications characterized by low flow rate.

Some common uses for 1/8" quick release couplings include: vacuum gauges, pressure measurement, liquid cooling systems, hydraulic circuit bleeding.


Faster series HNV (compliant to ISO 7241 part “B”) and FFH (compliant to ISO 16028) both contain 1/8” size. HNV couplings are available in carbon steel and brass, whereas carbon steel is the only option for FFH series; for this size only (which is not covered by the ISO standard 16028) the surface treatment is CrIII instead of Zinc-Nickel.