1/4" Hydraulic quick couplings

1/4" hydraulic quick couplings represent a cornerstone in the realm of fluid power transmission, catering to a myriad of applications across industries. From load sensing mechanisms to heavy machinery operations, these couplings offer a seamless conduit for transmitting hydraulic power efficiently. Let's delve into the diverse applications and features of 1/4" hydraulic quick couplings, unlocking their potential in various sectors.


1/4" hydraulic lines are commonly used in a variety of applications that require the transmission of fluid power.
One of the most popular is load sensing, where the aim of the line isn’t actually to carry a big amount of flow, but rather to sense the load-induced pressure downstream of an orifice and provide feedback to the pump control.

Other common uses of 1/4" hydraulic lines include:

  • Tractor hydraulic fluid transmission;
  • Pressure washer systems;
  • Jack-up lifting systems;
  • Heavy machinery and equipment, such as excavators, loaders and cranes;
  • Industrial machinery, including presses, pumps and motors;
  • Automotive applications, like power steering, brakes and suspension systems;
  • Aerospace industry, for powering hydraulic systems in aircraft.


1/4" is a size available in the most common series of Faster quick couplings (ANV, NV, HNV, FFH, FPI, CVV, VV, VVS, DF, PVVM, RF), as well as in the Multifaster range. Brass (HNV and RF) and stainless steel (HNV, 2FFI, VVS, FFC) couplings can be selected for use with corrosive fluids or in corrosive environments. For applications requiring connection under pressure several series (CVV, VV, VVS, PVVM, RF) can be selected, some of which offering outstanding values of maximum working pressure.