1/2" Hydraulic quick couplings

In the realm of hydraulic engineering, 1/2" hydraulic quick couplings emerge as pivotal components, facilitating efficient fluid power transmission across diverse industries. From agriculture to construction, manufacturing to marine, these couplings play a fundamental role in ensuring reliable power transmission and precise control. Let's explore the extensive applications and features of 1/2" hydraulic quick couplings, highlighting their significance in powering critical operations across sectors.


1/2" is definitely the most common size for hydraulic lines on agricultural equipment and that’s the reason why for some product series purposely developed to connect hydraulic implements to tractors (such as Faster’s 3CPV, 3CFHF, 4SRHF and 6DNPV) the only available size is 1/2". 1/2" hydraulic lines are however massively used to transmit hydraulic fluid under pressure and ensure reliable power transmission and precise control not just in agriculture but in a variety of different applications, including construction equipment (to power equipment like rock breakers, drilling rigs, loaders and cranes), manufacturing, automotive, marine and offshore, mining, material handling.


To quickly connect and disconnect these lines it’s possible to choose Faster 1/2" quick couplings from a large selection: from ISO 7241 series “A” (NV, CNV, PV, CPV, CFPV and the aforementioned whole range of Connect Under Pressure push-pull couplers) or “B” (HNV series, also available in stainless steel or brass) to ISO 16028 (FFH, 3FFH) and ISO 14541 (CVV) and ISO 17567 (FPI, 5FPI). Several options of 1/2" screw-to-connect proprietary profile couplings (FLV, FHV, VV, VVS) are available too, allowing one to choose between two valve versions (non-spill or poppet).