1-1/4" Hydraulic quick couplings

In the realm of hydraulic engineering, 1-1/4" hydraulic quick couplings emerge as essential components, facilitating robust fluid flow in applications where high flow rates are imperative for achieving optimal productivity. From marine and offshore operations to mining, construction, and the oil and gas industry, these couplings play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient fluid transmission with precision and reliability. Let's delve into the diverse applications and features of 1-1/4" hydraulic quick couplings, unraveling their importance in various industrial sectors.


1-1/4" hydraulic lines are often used in applications where big flow amounts are needed to ensure a proper velocity to hydraulic attachments, which is an essential requisite to achieve a decent productivity. The maximum operating pressure on these lines is generally not too high, and lines of this size are often used on the following applications:

  • Marine and offshore;
  • Mining;
  • Construction equipment, such as cranes, pile drivers, drilling rigs and demolition excavators;
  • Oil and gas industry (for transferring hydraulic fluids like drilling mud);
  • On-highway vehicles.


Faster has in its range of quick couplings several series including 1-1/4” size: