1-1/2" Hydraulic quick couplings

In the realm of hydraulic engineering, 1-1/2" hydraulic quick couplings emerge as indispensable components, catering to a wide range of applications across various industries. From heavy machinery in construction equipment to offshore drilling rigs, mining operations, and agricultural machines, these couplings play a crucial role in ensuring efficient fluid transmission with reliability and precision. Let's explore the extensive applications and features of 1-1/2" hydraulic quick couplings, unraveling their importance in diverse industrial sectors.


Some of the applications where 1-1/2" hydraulic lines are commonly used are construction equipment, heavy machinery, offshore and onshore drilling rigs, mining industry, on-highway trucks, agricultural machines and industrial machinery. These lines are generally designed to handle a pretty wide range of pressures and deliver big amounts of flow.


Faster’s portfolio contains several product series which include size 1-1/2”, hence it’s basically possible to satisfy any kind of requirement thanks to the different features offered by these series:

  • Non-spill connections: 2FSI (compliant with ISO 16028 standard);
  • Screw-on connections: CVV (compliant with ISO 14541 standard), VVS, FHV;
  • Sleeve retraction connections: NV;
  • Resistance to corrosion: stainless steel or brass version of HNV series (compliant with ISO 7241 series “B” standard);
  • Interchange with ISO standards: the aforementioned series, plus ANV (ISO 7241 series “A”);
  • Interchange with consolidated market standards: OGV (Oil and Gas Industry) and FB (On-Highway trucks).