3/4" Hydraulic quick couplings

In the realm of hydraulic engineering, 3/4" hydraulic quick couplings emerge as pivotal components, offering unparalleled advantages in high-flow applications. From construction equipment to industrial machinery, these couplings facilitate robust fluid movement with minimal pressure drop, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments. Let's delve into the extensive applications and features of 3/4" hydraulic quick couplings, exploring their significance in diverse sectors.


Main advantages of using 3/4" lines in hydraulic systems include:

  • High flow rate: larger diameter lines allow for a higher volume and velocity of flow, making them suitable for applications requiring substantial fluid movement;
  • Lower pressure drop: the larger internal diameter of 3/4" lines results in lower fluid friction and pressure drop, which is beneficial for systems requiring consistent pressure throughout the system;

This size suits hence applications where larger powered pumps are used. 3/4" lines are installed on a wide range of industrial and mobile hydraulic applications, including construction equipment (high-flow attachments for compact tracked loaders and heavy machinery), mining, agricultural machines, Oil & Gas, Industrial settings and everywhere high flow rates and robustness are essential requisites.


The 3/4" size is available on most of Faster product series, some of them complying with popular international standards like:

Visiting the “Products” section of our website, you can filter the range by body size to discover more on the aforementioned series as well as on a lot of other proprietary profile series, such as FHV, QTC, VV, VVS and others.