Paper documents


Faster advertisements put the product at the centre of the attention. On the istitutional background there are different areas destined to:

  1. Product images
    (see ch. 2b)
  2. Off-brand
    (optional, see ch. 1l)
  3. Applications Icons
    (optional, see ch. 2d)
  4. Pay-off
  5. Faster Logo, with or without tagline
    (see. ch.1c-d)
Product Leaflet

Summary cards, A4 size, can be created to present new products during an exhibition or an event.

  1. Product images
    (see ch. 2b)
  2. Faster Logo with tagline
    (see ch. 1c)
  3. Name and product description
    Kievit 16/18 pt. vertically centred on the Faster logo height, maximum lenght 3 lines.
  4. Payoff or product long description
    1 column, Kievit 24/24 pt.
    Long description:
    2 columns, kievit 14/16.8 pt.
Product Leaflet (back)

The back of the product leaflet it’s composed by 3 main areas.

  1. Name and product’s short description
    (with the apllication icon, eventually)
  2. Long description or product images
    (on 2 columns)
  3. Technical specifications
    (if the product image hasn’t already been used in area 2, it can be inserted here)

The Faster brochure’s cover is composed by:

  1. Faster logo with tag line
  2. Market application name
    Kievit 16/20 pt. vertically centred on the Faster logo height.
  3. Market application icon
    (linear version, see ch. 2a)
  4. Faster triangle
    (in Multiply mode, see ch. 1k)

Faster brochure’s internal content varies according to the products and the topic.

The Faster brochure’s back it’s composed by:

  1. Faster Mission
    Kievit 18/18 pt. at the vertical center of the page.
  2. Contacts
    Kievit 7.5/9 pt.
  3. Faster Triangle
    (in black, it’s a continuation of the one that is on the brochure cover)
  4. Brochure code
    Kievit 6 pt.

There are two types of posters: one in which Faster’s Brand transpire through evocative images, and another one with the render images of our products and all the technical information about them. The latter is specifically destined to the distributors.

  1. Monogram on Faster triangle
    (black on yellow, see ch. 1e, 1k)
  2. Photography
    (see ch. 2a)