Meeting, discussing, growing

Exhibitions can help to maximize the business: during events Faster has the opportunity to meet with relevant market players and talk with future customers, who have the chance to touch the products.


Trade fair are a privileged channel to reach people from all around the world.

Our booth has 3 trademarks: it's recognizable, it's minimalist and the space is used wisely. Thanks to our signature colors, our booth is easily recognizable, and as you can see in the examples below, the style that better represent Faster, it’s minimalistic: there are only a few elements on the booth and the furniture it’s usually white and elegant.


The colors used for the exhibitions stands are white, the institutional yellow and black.

Beside the walls, white is the preferred color for the support surfaces, floors and furniture of the stands.

Yellow it is the predominant color for the wall, but it can also be used for products displays, desks and panels.

We discourage you to choose black for the walls, especially when the stand is small, otherwise it will give an oppressing feeling about the space. It’s more suitable to use it for the displays, the panels or the diagonal cut that characterize the set-ups (obtained from the triangle/arrow). In this last case, it is extremely important to not alter or change the corner.

Black RAL: 9004
NCS: S8502-G
Yellow RAL: 1016
NCS: S0570-G90Y
White RAL: 9003
NCS: S0500-N

Photographic images and render cannot be used in the stands. The only exceptions are the product images, only when the products aren’t physically present in the stand.

Specifically drawn icons and infographics can be used to show the different applications and peculiar characteristics of the product (see ch. 2b-2e).


Here are some examples in line with Faster’s identity: