Product series
Auxiliary Lines Block Customized (3+2 HF ports)

Custom-made Auxiliary Lines Block with High Flow Couplings

5 Lines blocks provide connections for 5 lines in one single casting: two lines 1/2”, two lines ¾” for high flow applications and one 3/8” drain line. The blocks offer 5 hydraulic interfaces and can be connected to the machine hydraulic circuit thanks to 2 input ports. Hydraulic decompression of the lines is ensured by manual activation. This solution is oriented to make the machine more versatile and suitable for a wide range of attachments.
Technical Specifications
Cast Iron & Steel
Working temperatures:
-25 °C to 125 °C -13 °F to 257 °F
Surface treatment:
Series Interchange: ISO 16028
Valve Type: Flat
Connection: Push to Connect
Disconnection: Sleeve Retraction
Connection Under Pressure: Allowed Both Halves up to W.P.