Série do Produto
Horizontal block with integrated cartridges for Rear SCV

Custom-made casting solutions for agriculture with integrated cartridges

The cast iron block is equipped with two integrated 1/2" cartridges, in accordance to ISO 7241 part A standard. Push-Pull connection type. Connection and disconnection under pressure allowed, thanks to the lever, specifically designed to ensure depressurization of the internal circuit. The block is designed to be screwed directly on control blocks. Every single casting is specifically developed for each tractor manufacturer, to meet impeding space requirements. Faster casting solutions are specifically designed to match the different control blocks interfaces available on the market. The lever can be mounted in different position, to meet space requirements.
Especificações Técnicas
Ferro fundido & Aço
Temperaturas de trabalho:
-25 °C to 125 °C -13 °F to 257 °F
Tratamento da superfície:
Série de intercâmbio: ISO 7241-A
Tipo de Válvula: Disco
Conexão: Pressione para ligar
Desconexão: Alavanca
Conexão sob Pressão: Com pressão em ambos M/F