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Custom Multiconnections

Plates for quick connection and disconnection of multiple lines (manual or automatic).

Multiconnection plates allow to connect multiple hydraulic (cooling, power) and electrical (power and/or signal) lines typical of the industrial and off-highway world. These products, designed to allow the compensation of linear and angular misalignments between the two plates, are suitable for applications where connection and disconnection takes place by means of automatic drives (pneumatic, hydraulic or electric).

Acessórios e Peças de Reposição

Especificações Técnicas
Each product, duly integrated into the system in which it is required to work, is the result of different combinations of variables, such as the number of lines, the sizes of couplings and the types of electrical connectors. A multiconnection system is composed by a powered plate and a power supply plate. It's possible to design a floatability system for both; in general each plate can be fixed or floating according to the specifications of the system. When connected, plates are subject to mutual repulsion forces: by knowing the pressure thrust it's possible to balance forces so to ensure a perfect connection of lines when the system is working. Thanks to a customized design plates are accomodated into available room.

Plates materials
Materials most commonly used are steel and aluminum. Best surface treatments, such as nickel plating, are a standard feature on our products. The choice of the raw material mainly depends by mechanical and environmental stresses the plates will have to bear in operating conditions and by the necessity of properly balancing repulsion forces acted by the different fluids.

Alignment systems
Faster is able to design clearance and misalignment compensation systems making the plates capable of compensating the unavoidable wear and tear of the systems in which they are installed, postponing hence the necessity of doing maintenance.

Types of fluids
There's a wide variety of fluids potentially being used, from most common ones to technical fluids typical of each specific application, in liquid or gaseous state. Faster can properly address the collection of technical specifications at the correct detail level needed to design products suiting customers needs.

Electrical connectors
The series of electrical connectors consists of several configurations of long life multi-pole components matching even the longest cycle time requirements. Special power connectors not included into our range can be purposely designed and delivered. Electrical connectors can be supplied in wired or pre-wired configurations, or even without harness for a later onsite connection. Grommet is alwaysincluded, whereas wire harness support is in charge of the customer.