28 de setembro de 2020

Latest Products: visit our Product page

Latest Products: visit our Product page

Are you curious to discover our brand-new products?

Visit our Product Page!

Here you can find all of our products, including the newest ones.

At the top of the page, you can find the latest product, marked with the “new series” tag.

Simply by scrolling through the page, you can see the wide range of Faster products and you can filter them by

  • •Application
  • •Body Size
  • •Connection Type
  • •Connection Under Pressure
  • •Working Pressure
  • •Material
  • •Valve Type
  • •Breakaway

Discover more about our recent ones, like CPVN Series, OGV ST and the PH…S MultiFaster.

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out 30
Construções Bauma
München, Germany
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out 28
Agricultura CIAME
Tianjin, China
nov 9
nov 13
Agricultura EIMA
Bologna, Italy
nov 22
nov 25
Construções Bauma China
Shanghai, China
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