Donnerstag, 2. August 2018

Faster and PoliMi, together to improve.

Faster and PoliMi, together to improve.

Over the last 4 months, students from the Italian university Politecnico di Milano have been working in Faster to develop 2 specific projects aimed at improving our operation department.

This collaboration developed two specific projects, aimed at implementing the Word Class Manufacturing in our Maintenance and Health and Safety department. 

We would like to thank the students who took part in the projects: Elena Sofia Salerno and Nicolò Conti worked closely with our Maintenance department, while Gabriele Micheloni and Aurelio Ombra collaborated with Faster Health and Safety office. 

A special thanks also to Professor Alberto Portioli Staudacher and Matteo Rossini, who coordinated the two projects. 

The projects have been developed by the students from the MSc Management Engineering, who had been working in close collaboration with Faster employees in the factory Headquarters in Rivolta D'Adda. 


In the Maintenance area, the project concluded with a reduction of economic loss, by monitoring and improving maintenace indicators, MTTR and MTBF,and by applying the WCM methodology in the PM pillar. 

Regarding Health and Safety, a new document, aimed at evaluating risks related to manual and repetitive handlings, has been elaborated, by applying the Niosh and Ocra methods to various activities, and proposing an improvement plan in order to lower the risks


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