Brand Identity

A coherent identity to strengthen our reputation.

Faster’s brand identity shines through in every interaction with the company: in the relationship with our customers, during an exhibition, through our catalogs or our ads, or by visiting our website.

Faster products aren’t the only element that has an impact on the perception that our audience has of us, the way we communicate is also very important. In order to transmit our values It’s essential to maintain a coherence in time.

The purpose of this manual is to safeguard Faster’s communication by following a series of rules. If something is not mentioned here, please report directly to the Faster’s Marketing Department. In order to increase the quality perception of our products and services, please do not embark in any kind of arbitrary choices.


Faster consent must always be asked. Before the publication, all of the communications and Marketing materials (video, web, paper or any other format) have to be presented to Faster and then approved.

The sharing of the concept, a design idea or a draft, has to be send by email beforehand and It requires a minimum of one work week for a response from the headquarters. It should be noted that a possible not response on time from Faster does not mean an automatic consent to use the proposed materials. Faster reserves the possibility to check and analyze every communication material completed or in progress. Every executive file has to be put under Faster scrutiny for a final validation before the publication.


The constant and coherent use of the institutional colors it’s fundamental.
Always respect the following color scheme and the relative conversion.

Print PAN: Pantone Black C
CMYK: K100
Web RGB: 30 / 30 / 30
Exhibition RAL: 9004
NCS: S8502-G
Print PAN: Pantone Yellow C
CMYK: Y100
Web RGB: 254 / 240 / 0
Exhibition RAL: 1016
NCS: S0570-G90Y
The Faster Logo

The Faster’s logo expresses:

  1. Uniqueness: the letters are uniquely designed.
  2. Strength: given by thickness
  3. Dynamism: to represent this, we picked the italic

The peculiar hollow in the F represents the arrow that was present in the previous logo. The union between the letters S and T refers to the company core business.
The logo can be used alone or together with the payoff Easier to connect.

Logo with Tagline

The Faster logo can be accompanied by the “easier to connect” tagline.
It is mandatory to maintain the proportions and position indicated.


Faster logo can only be used in four ways:

Black on white
White on black
Black on yellow
Yellow on black
Logo Improper Use

Faster logo cannot be modified in any way, cannot present different colours from the institutional ones, and cannot use the latter unappropriately.

It is absolutely forbidden to use the older Faster logo.