Agriculture represents the historical and traditional base for Faster quick-release couplings

Given the strategic importance of this market, Faster has created a catalogue where the specifications of all tested and approved products, currently used by the most important worldwide manufacturers of agricultural machines and equipment, are illustrated.

The worldwide interchangeability is guaranteed by conforming to ISO 7241-1 part A.

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Air Conditioning Refrigeration
Air Conditioning

Particular couplings specially designed and developed for refrigeration systems, air conditioning and other applications with refrigerants

Resistant to medium pressure and with flat face valves, ensure the elimination of loss of fluid and air inclusions during engagement and disengagement. Particularly suitable for systems with precharge fluid and in all those cases where, for maintenance requirements, there is the need to disconnect system's lines.

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Construction Equipment

For applications typical of the construction market, quick-release couplings are required to be adapted to work in dusty environments with sand and other dirt particles present in the air

In this case, it is very important that the seals used be characterized by specifically studied profiles for the specific applications and made from polymer blends suitable to sustain the deterioration and wear induced by the often adverse work conditions.

Particularly suitable for this application, flat-face couplings thanks to the specific shape, are characterized by having no spillage during connection and disconnection phases.

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High Pressure Tools
High Pressure Tools

To connect and disconnect rapidly, with pressure in the system, Faster has a product range specificly designed and realized according with the high safety standard required in this field of application

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In the world of industrial production the search is always on for products, accessories and systems that can reduce downtime during changeovers of parts performed on machine tools and other industrial machines

For this type of application, Faster offers flat-face quick-release couplings and multiconnection systems characterized by a great compactness, modularity and no spillage during connection and disconnection.

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Oil&Gas, Marine
Oil&Gas, Marine

Faster provides connection systems specially developed for offshore applications, suitable to meet the connection requirements in conditions of high pressure, high temperatures and depth, with safety, reliability and corrosion resistance

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Vehicles & Road Machines
Vehicles &
Road Machine

Faster quick-release couplings are also used in the vehicle and road machine sector

Used to connect various tools and trailers, they are particularly valued for their high performance and high capacity for resistance to heavy-duty applications.

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